Santa Rick

Real Bearded Santa—Santa Rick 

Meet Santa Rick, a long-time resident of Atlanta and a treasure chest full of stories since The Square opened in the 70s. Going back into time, Santa Rick was Jim Cushman’s right-hand man. With no official title ever given from Cushman, he was somebody the office tenants and everyone at The Square could talk to about anything and everything. “Mr. Cushman hired me to do whatever I wanted to do and trusted me.”

When we asked Santa Rick what made Colony Square the heart of Midtown Atlanta he responded, “it was the nation’s first micropolis. It was an incredible concept. On 14 acres, Colony Square was a place to live, work and play. Everything was here and that’s what Jimmy Cushman designed it for. And what makes Colony Square unique unlike other places in Atlanta is its history!”

We then asked, what do you look forward to seeing in the future at The Square? “It would nice to have it greener and feel more like you’re outside. Also, a retractable roof would be awesome – one hell of a marketing idea!”

Lastly, a question we love to ask our participants: What is one inspirational advice you would give to someone? “The world belongs to children. Make it better for them.”

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