Rollin Mallernee

Member—Mallernee, Branch & Daffner L.L.P. 

“I have worked at Colony Square for 45 years. In 1977, I got married and in 1978, we bought one of the model homes at Hanover House and we lived there for almost 9 years. All I would do to get to my office was take an elevator down to the lobby, walk across the mall and into Building 400 where I used to have three different offices. So I had opportunities to experience different spaces in Colony Square.

I think Colony Square is a great property, location, and I am excited that you guys will take it to the next level.

I have many memories here. I remember the ice skating rink in the center of the mall which was an interesting amenity. However, it meant that the mall was never warmer than 65 degrees. Brothers II was also a great restaurant in the basement of the 100 Building and a multitude of advertising agencies were here and it was a great place for Happy Hour and The Fairmont Hotel (now W Atlanta Midtown) had a luxurious nightclub and that’s where I met Tony Bennett, right on the first level.

My most favorite memory was Jimmy Carter’s campaign. The Carters had both the 1976 and 1980 campaign headquarters here at Colony Square and it was cool to see a bunch of people run a presidential campaign where you worked.

What made Colony Square unique compared to other places in Atlanta was the fact you have everything here. You have offices, places to eat, a bank, a hotel, all undercover and it’s connected to a great part of town — Midtown and Ansley Park.

I think Colony Square is a great place to live. In my opinion, Atlanta is a very livable city and Colony Square makes a livable city even more livable because everything you need is here. That’s pretty much the reason why I love it here and have no reason to leave. That’s my personal sentiment why I have not left. There’s no other place I would find more attractive than Colony Square.” – Rollin Mallernee, Member Mallernee, Branch & Daffier, L.L.P.

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