Rena Olsen

Self-proclaimed Inspirer of Others, lifelong marketing professional and mother of two! 

“Hi, I’m Rena Olsen, a self-proclaimed ‘Inspirer of Others.’  In addition to that, I’m a lifelong marketing professional in my current role as a solopreneur with Reaction Co., mother of two amazing adult children, adopter of a new goldendoodle puppy and newfound bicycling enthusiast. I am currently learning to navigate life as a new ‘empty nester’ and host of the Relevate Podcast. I am a lover of life, meaningful conversations, jeans, football and Jesus.  Born in Texas, raised in Wyoming, I have south to west roots and love some good BBQ; in fact, I love all kinds of food and consider myself a serious foodie.  I’ve been in Atlanta since the mid ‘80s so this is definitely home and I currently live in the burbs of Milton.

It’s exciting to see the resurgence of Midtown. Back in the day, Colony Square was the place to be, specifically in the mid to late ‘80s.  I especially loved the health club there — I was a former aerobics instructor, but never taught at that specific club. My best memories were at The Country Place restaurant. It was amazing! I also did a lot of shopping back in the day at Colony Square. It was always a cool, kind of uptown place to be.

I’m excited to see what the future holds for Colony Square. I imagine that it will continue to bring new innovations to fit the needs and wants of people living in Midtown or visiting. I can’t wait to check out the helipad one of these days. I haven’t been there yet, so it’ll be a first for me!

Final thoughts? During challenging times, you have to sometimes just hang in there and believe that better days are coming. People quit way too easily on each other, on jobs, on ourselves — life is going to be challenging at times but that’s when we build strength and resilience.  Always give faith a chance. Breathe. Love one another!”

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