Quinton Myers

Director of Client Services, Appetize App 

“I am originally from Louisiana and moved to Atlanta in 2010. I have always been interested in technology, and Atlanta has great opportunities for people in my field. I started my venture with ‘Appetize’ in 2014. We are a company that manages Point of Sale, inventory, and analytics for leading enterprises and their consumers. I am not a founding member, but I was the first employee; and in 2017 we had a hiring blitz. We held a corporate training for 20-30 people in Playa Vista, CA, and that is where I found out about WeWork.

In the beginning, we were still a startup and working from home. Because of WeWork, we went from a one-person office, to a two-person office, then to a five-person in one office. Due to our employee’s living locations, moving to Colony Square was the best choice for us. Mainly because of its central location in Midtown and MARTA being so close.

Back in 2012 I was working at 17th and Peachtree. Me and my colleagues would always walk over to Colony Square; so, I have been a patron here for years. I love this space and I always read up about it. Colony Square is the epicenter in my mind. Historically, it was way beyond its time. It was the first high rise in this area. I love tradition – and to be a part of this tradition is very special to me.

Being around so many different people, every walk of life, and all the professionals we get to be around is great. They are all in the mindset of getting things done. That is a contagious mentality. I hear that Whole Foods regional office, iPic Theater, and many upscale restaurants are some of what is to come. I am really looking forward to hosting corporate events, dinners, and meet ups.

I am philosophical by default, but my mantra is one originally stated by Donald Rumsfeld, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Although, I don’t interpret this with his original context when he said it, my reasoning for it being a mantra of mine is to keep learning. Never stop being curious and never let anything stop you from knowing.

Overall, I am really humble and fortunate to be a voice of the community.” – Quinton Myers, Director of Client Services, Appetize App

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