Mike Kannon

Colony Square Tenant + Radio Personality at Star 94.1 

“My name is Mike Kannon. I first moved to Atlanta in 2001 when I started working for 95.5 The Beat. Back then, the station was owned by WSB and it became a multi-cultural phenomenon with the Atlanta audience. After 95.5 ended, I moved to Philadelphia, and then to Dallas to continue my career in radio. I always said to myself that one day when I get older, I would move back to Atlanta and work for Star 94.1. Now, years later, here we are!

I currently live in Castleberry Hill; it is about a nine-minute commute from here. Star 94.1 used to be in Pennant Park, which is right by SunTrust Park. Then, CBS and Entercom merged. There were conversations that we should either move everyone to Cobb County or become one big happy family at Colony Square. My boss, Rick, had a vision of us to be in the middle of the action in Midtown. We knew what was happening with the revitalization of Colony Square and wanted to be a part of it.

When we moved our office to Colony Square, I thought it was beautiful. Getting to be in the heart of Midtown with so many people and restaurants everywhere, it is an exciting place to be and work. The energy here feels good, and it is an attractive place to bring people. Colony Square is centrally located and easy to find when our artists come to town. With so much to do in the area, it is easy to entertain our guests.

The developers here are putting in so much thought into the “new” Colony Square. I can tell their hearts are in it. The vibe feels perfect, like a heartbeat – you feel like there is a pulse to this area. Being here, people feel invigorated, and like they are part of something truly unique.

What’s a quote that I like to live by? “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” This is especially important when traveling, but in our everyday life as well. Eat that insect. Go to that drag brunch. Talk to strangers and listen to their stories. The most exceptional, most impactful experiences and relationships you have in life come right after you step outside that comfort zone.’”

Mike Kannon, Colony Square Tenant + Radio Personality at Star 94.1

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