Logan Harris + Sean Puchta

Husbands, Colony Square + Midtown Residents 
  • S is for Sean
  • L is for Logan

[S] “We met in St. Louis, but we lived in Washington, D.C. until 2012. Then I got the opportunity to move to another city on the East Coast. We chose Atlanta because of the people, affordability, and walkability. I am all about being on foot. So, for me, moving to Midtown seemed perfect.

[L] Colony Square caught my attention because it had more than just an apartment and office buildings – it had a hotel, too. [S] Before I moved here, I would always stay at The W Atlanta-Midtown. This area was my go-to when I visited Atlanta, so I was already familiar with it.

[L] When we relocated to Atlanta and moved to Colony House in 2012, it was like our own little secret palace. It is close to MARTA and right next to things I care about, like the High Museum of Art and Piedmont Park. When you look into it, you realize how rich the history is here. Colony Square was the first of its kind and at one point the only thing in Midtown.

[S] Colony Square is the living room of Midtown. It is a great gathering place for numerous reasons: food, music, movies, and it is in a prime location for people around the city.

[L] Diversity is definitely affluent here. I grew up in Oklahoma, which is a big contrast from where I am living now. It was a major change for me, for the better of course. Living in Midtown has helped shape me into the person I am today by exposing me to many different people, places and things.

[S] What I am most excited about for Colony Square, is having more energy around. Being able to go downstairs from our condo and walk directly into an upbeat urban environment is awesome. Another thing is that Logan and I are not very big on cooking. So, with all the many food options that are coming, it will be easy to have things available at our front door.

[L] The experiences you all make here at Colony Square are incredible. You take people out of their mundane routines and give them something to look forward to. You do not want to be just a “mall.” You want people to spend their time here and have fun doing it. You even give those in the offices pleasurable workdays by providing amenities like food trucks and yoga. I think that is important for a development such as this. Even down to your social media posts, everything is so entertaining. The team here does a phenomenal job.

[S] A saying we like to live by? “People judge you by the company you keep, so be careful who is around you.” Those in your circle influence you all the time. Be mindful. Talk to everyone.

[L] One of my favorite quotes is from Madonna which sounds simple, but it is very true.  “A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That’s why they don’t get what they want.”  I feel that the world would be easier if people would say what they are thinking more often.  Communication is the key to community.” – Logan Harris + Sean Puchta, Husbands, Colony Square + Midtown Residents

Logan Harris + Sean Puchta, Husbands, Colony Square + Midtown Residents

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