Kimberly Bennett

Trademark Attorney, Business Coach and Founder of K Bennett Law LLC, Founder of The Modern Legal Collective + WeWork Member 

Hey, there! I’m Kimberly Bennett and I am a native New Yorker and second-time Atlanta transplant. In addition, I’m a proud graduate of the class of 2001 from Spelman College and the class of 2007 from Villanova University School of Law.

In my professional life, I am a practicing trademark attorney, business coach, speaker and subscription legal services aficionado currently running my virtual law firm, K Bennett Law, and coaching practice, The Modern Legal Collective, from WeWork Colony Square.

My initial membership with WeWork started at Tower Place in Buckhead. However, I was introduced to WeWork several years ago while searching for office space for a former client. I’ve always loved WeWork’s concept, and when they opened WeWork in Colony Square, I knew I wanted to transfer my business to this location.

The convenience of Midtown is phenomenal. I love everything that is happening at Colony Square and I am excited to see the planned development unfold. I know the developer’s vision to transform Colony Square will leave a big impact. Actually, there are already amazing transformations happening, including green spaces like ‘The Grove’ for us eat, relax and decompress after an exhilarating day of running our businesses.

Getting to live in a small community that has a movie theater, beautiful buildings and retail is awesome! In addition, being able to run out and grab something quick to eat and drink is a definite plus. Midtown provides its residents the experiences and spaces to manage a healthy work/life balance.

One of the great things that Atlanta is doing is creating pockets inside of neighborhoods where we can mingle outside of our homes and offices. It is awesome to see more and more small businesses pop up along with the vibrancy and life that is happening in Midtown. I am excited for the future of Midtown and all of Atlanta becoming the “City of The South.” I definitely have no desire to leave anytime soon. If there are any words of wisdom I could share with the readers, they would be these two quotes I live by: ”Bloom where you are planted” and” To whom much is given, much is expected.”

– Kimberly Y. Bennett, Trademark Attorney + Business Coach & Founder of K Bennett Law LLC, Founder of The Modern Legal Collective + WeWork Member

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