Kevin Green

President & CEO—Midtown Alliance 

“I moved to Midtown Atlanta in 1986 for law school, and I absolutely remember Colony Square from those times and as a young lawyer. During the ’80s and ’90s, there weren’t a lot of good things happening along Peachtree Street but Colony Square was the beacon of activity. You always knew you could eat, sit, and people watch there. Colony Square was a visionary development as the first mixed-use project in the city.  This was a groundbreaking development at a time when the Atlanta region had about one-fifth of the population it has today, no MARTA rail, and people and companies were on the cusp of an exodus to the suburbs that would last for decades.

Colony Square was and is the heart of Midtown  – the corner of Main and Main, and with everything in an easy striking distance, Piedmont Park, world-class arts and cultural attractions, MARTA, walkability, and a critical mass of activities involving visitors, residents and workers – it’s the bullseye or better yet, the epicenter of Midtown.

I think there’s also a retro vibe with Colony Square that will continue to serve it well.  The architecture is solid but with a real opportunity to evolve.  It’s been a landmark for three decades while so much has changed all around it.  The opportunity now is to fully leverage the community and assets that surround it, and embrace this next chapter.

Today, there is a lot of emphasis on ‘the experience’ and ‘the power of place’ and the owners (North American Properties) have clearly demonstrated this as a high priority.  Their team has a demonstrated track record of creative execution and success, and we all look forward to being a part of what’s next.

As we reimagine Colony Square I look forward to seeing it embrace the street and sidewalks more overtly.  As Colony Square continues to program and activate its plazas, bring retail out and showcase more diverse experiences, it will draw more people in.  This is already underway.

Lastly, if I could give one inspirational advice to anyone it would be ‘Be positive and persistent.’ And one more thing for Colony Square: ‘LIFE BEGINS AT 50!’”

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