Julie Taylor

Account Executive-CBS Stations Sales + Midtown Resident 

“My name is Julie Taylor. I grew up in Dunwoody and moved to Midtown in the early 1980s. My first home was in Pershing Point in 1982, where I lived at 1421 Peachtree, and now I reside on 12th Street. Back then Midtown was not as built up as it is today, but it was still known as a brilliant place.

Midtown has always been hip and trendy; the hippie strip in the ’70s was right here between 10th – 14th and Peachtree and was a sight to be seen. I also experienced legendary nightclubs like the Amory and the infamous Armorettes & of course Backstreet. (fun fact, 18 years old was the legal drinking age back then).

Everyone knew what Colony Square was and that it was the place to be. I remember I would take the 23 Bus from Dunwoody just to get here. My favorite memories at Colony Square included the ice-skating rink and the Pleasant Peasant! We also experienced many Blue Jean Brunches at the top of the Sheraton Hotel. My mother also worked here as well as my best friend’s dad, so I did a lot of running around in the building on the weekends.

There were no other neighborhoods like Midtown, it was hustling and bustling. Midtown had more of an eclectic vibe which I preferred since my style was underground bars and concerts. The 688 Bar on Spring Street, The Bistro and the Agora Ballroom formerly across the Fox Theatre on Peachtree Street were some of my go-to spots. Every musician played at these places including my favorite punk rock bands.

I moved to Midtown because of the walkability and proximity to Piedmont Park. My husband and I go everywhere on foot. Back in the day, my friends and I used to roller-skate from Buckhead to Piedmont Park to meet my mom and hang out in Piedmont Park. Skate Escape, which is on 12th and Piedmont, has been open since 1976- that was our meeting point.

What I am most excited to experience once the reimagined Colony Square is finished are the restaurants. It would be a great thing to bring shops to Colony Square since there is no more retail around at all.

I just want the new Colony Square to be wonderful. Everyone is waiting. We wanted it yesterday. We are all looking forward to this. This is our epicenter right in the middle of Midtown. The neighborhood will benefit from this and will last forever.

One of my favorite quotes is “All you need is love,” from The Beatles. Since I have lived in Atlanta my entire life, it is no wonder why I love Midtown. With the community, the park, the location, and the amazing people, I would never live anywhere else.”

– Julie Taylor, Account Executive-CBS Stations Sales + Midtown Resident

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