Jay, JoJo, Keyon

Amazon Treasure Truck 

Have you heard of Amazon’s Treasure Truck? Amazon has been selecting their favorite trending items and loading them onto what they call its “Treasure Truck.” People sign up for notifications that alert them as to what items are available, and when they could expect the truck to stop in a location near them for pick up. The concept started in Seattle and has spread to 24  cities across the U.S., including Atlanta; and more notably, our very own heart of Midtown – Colony Square!

Meet Keyon, Jay, and JoJo, a few of Amazon’s Treasure Truck fleet members. When asked about why they chose us to be the host of the Atlanta stop, their first impression of our community is one that is shared with countless others who frequent Colony Square.

“When we saw the huge Midtown sign, we knew this place was where it’s at. It’s really cool to see buildings surround you – the setting is incredible. Colony Square is a perfect culmination of Atlanta in a small setting. We are millennials and unfamiliar with the area, we didn’t realize that there was such a rich history that came along with it.

We’ve seen many walks of life and met people from all parts of the world that come to Colony Square to share the Amazon Treasure Truck experience. You never know who you’re going to interact with. We even became good friends with the staff here. Everyone’s been friendly, and the atmosphere is amazing.

We absolutely love coming to this location. There is always positive vibes and memorable experiences. A lot of people don’t know that it all started at Colony Square for us. It’s what helped the Treasure Truck gain notoriety and gave it a big boost. It’s so much fun to come back!

We are really excited for the re-imagination of Colony Square. It’s great to see places revamped – especially one with such a nice scene already. It’s a terrific place to foster community and relationships. Colony Square is a secret spot that needs to be shared.

If there’s any advice and words of wisdom we could give, it’s probably these three things:

  1. Cherish every single moment.
  2. Don’t take yourself seriously all the time.
  3. Any day could be your last day – so make every day your best day.”

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