Jay Francis Springs

Atlantan + Marketing Consultant 

“I came to Midtown in 1980 and started working at Peachtree + W. Peachtree where WIGO held their studios. Historically, WIGO is one of the two stations that has served the African American community dating back to the 1960’s. I used to catch the bus from Five Points and would ride by watching the melting pot that is Midtown and its changes. Midtown has always been an inspiring area, and Colony Square is a significant landmark.

In 1998, I started working in Colony Square at WAOK Radio. Everyone made me feel so welcomed. It is the comfort and safety at Colony Square that made people feel assured. The security guards were so awesomely, friendly that they even knew me by my first name.

When I came to work, I would watch the sunrise from dawn until twilight, enjoying the environment as if I were home. There used to be an older couple that lived behind Colony Square, and they would stand right in the front of the building every weekend as early as 6 AM. The scene was very romantic: two senior citizens that were out there dignified, dressed like they were going to the prom, just standing and waving at people. Sometimes they would be outside with a little dog that loved to lick your hand. I would stop and pet the dog and have a casual conversation with them and they would talk about the beauty of life. They were the kind of characters that made you feel at ease when you left them. That is one of the most unique qualities about Colony Square, everyone here makes you feel valuable.

One of the best things to come about from the ‘reimagined’ Colony Square is that people will never have to leave to get food. Valet service will be here to cut the hassle out of finding a parking space as well. Then there is the quick access to MARTA, ride sharing, scooters and bicycles located right outside, ready to take people to their destinations. There will also be a variety of restaurants coming to join 5church and Establishment – that is really attractive.

Colony Square is all about inviting people to come live, play, shop, dine, and work together. That type of environment alone incorporates my own motto, which is: “It is the best day of my life and thank you for letting me be a part of your life.” – Jay Francis Springs

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