Fred Tharpe

Senior Director—Turner 

“I’m originally from Georgia and spent 20 years in Miami, Florida before coming back to Atlanta in 1993. When I moved here, there were only two condos – Colony + Hanover House and the Reed House. I had known about them for many years and I didn’t need to bother looking around, Colony House was where I wanted to be. Living at Colony Square has been a very pleasant experience and convenient place to live. It was very well-built building. There’s an exceptional group of neighbors, many business + community leaders and full of diversity which makes it an exceptional place to live, work and play.

What made Colony Square the heart of Midtown Atlanta was mainly its location at the corner of 14th and Peachtree. And to me, that’s the heart. It’s a true mixed-use community from the condos and offices to retail and hotel. It’s something that no other complex in Midtown has. They’re either a condo, hotel or office, and there aren’t other mixed-use complexes that can bring you all the amenities like Colony Square.

If there’s anything I miss about the way things used to be, it’s the variety of restaurants and retail. We need places that are open on the weekends like a grocery store and more recreational activities.

As I look forward to the future with Colony Square, I hope the Developers think about the condos as a viable part of the community and redevelopment. I would also like to see the final plan renderings and what’s included. I am very excited to see what is planned and how it will affect our living experience.

One inspirational advice I would give is from Winston Churchill “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” I am very involved in giving back to the community and honored to be on the Board of Trustees at Berry College in Rome, GA. I appreciate and enjoy giving back my time to them and helping young people.”

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