Elizabeth Mosley and Andrew Bairstow

Colony House Residents 

“Andrew [A] and I [Elizabeth, E] met as neighbors at Colony House in the elevator. I wanted to move here because of the access to a pedestrian lifestyle which has only improved through time and the development in town. It brought us together and everything is in walking distance. Something in the neighborhood was going on and it’s a great community to be a part of. We purchased a condo five years ago and during that time, the banks weren’t giving out loans. This was perfect timing before @naprop1954 Atlanta’s (NAPA) announcements. So, we’ve been tickled at the continual improvements that we’ve seen after NAPA acquired Colony Square.

[A] I remember I looked in the market for over a year for a place because I have seen so many of my friends buy during the market turn. I saw Colony Square and I saw that this location was the best place in Atlanta. I looked at other places and Midtown felt like the right fit. I could be myself, make friends, I was close to work and this place had all the amenities. But obviously meeting Elizabeth in the elevator after a workout, was the icing on the cake. It was funny, I was drinking coconut water in the elevator and Elizabeth said, “that coconut water smells like summer!” Our next interaction was in the elevator, and soon our paths crossed a lot. But there’s something we’ve been doing for five years. The point here is that at Colony Square and at Colony House, you meet your neighbors and you interact with them a lot! In our building, you have a huge age range (between 20 and 50-year-olds) and we have so many friends in different age groups, just shows how active people are here in the community and who are attracted by arts and culture.

[E&A] Some of our places to dine at The Square is Establishment and the former Tamarind Seed (we loved their basil beef). [A] For me, what makes Colony Square the heart of Midtown is its location and its proximity to Piedmont Park. You can change a lot of things like your wallpaper and appliances but not the foundation. Colony Square was really built well. In my industry (construction), they don’t build like they used to and architecturally, it’s pleasing. [A] One memory I remember is my aunt lived here 30 years ago and at that time they had an ice skating rink. This place does carry a legacy. Insert snazzy comment.

[A] It might be a GA DOT thing, but the only thing that I would want to change about Colony Square would be an entrance that has a light and an arrow to turn onto Peachtree.

[E] For me, the changes in elevation are a barrier to public accessibility. If the hardscape were to somehow change, Colony Square would be more of a membrane that people could easily pass through without stairs.

[E] What do I look forward to seeing? I want to see the finishes and the forethought of environment design applied to the level that this place deserves. It’s a unique spot. It’s been here for half a century and through peaks and valleys it has lasted physically and in the present, that’s beyond the architecture of the building. People come here and it’s an activated space. It’s across from The Woodruff and it’s the cornerstone of routines of people who live, work, and play here. And beyond just our building; there are people that come here just to eat and catch up. Give it the attention that it deserves, as far as the space. I know you all will take it there with everything you guys do. Your experience and we look to you with full confidence. [A] For me, puppies. Green space; turf, and softer.

Final words, what are your personal statements or mantras? [E] For my work and personally, I’m always looking to achieve beauty and harmony in spaces and thinking about the flow of things. I’m an interior architect, so I’m concerned about flow and space and how people perceive their environment. Perfecting that. I think people respond to a commercial and public space. The body of Colony Square will be more body interpolated space and I hope that could be a calm and a pleasant one, with lots of greenspace and sunlight. Elements that will keep people happy and healthy and autonomous.

[A] “Just don’t be afraid to make a change and take a chance.” Because I have worked in a small family business in 1960, these past few years, have been great, gains over years. We had to take a chance and it’s not easy. You must keep up with new styles and technology, and embrace change.

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