Dr. Samuel Shelton

Principal Research Engineer—Georgia Tech 

“One of my favorite memories of Colony Square from years ago, was a restaurant where @5churchatlanta currently resides: COUNTRY PLACE. It was well-known all over Atlanta with amazing views of Peachtree Street. Country Place had a casual bar that I frequent often and separate from the bar was a high-class restaurant that offered a great selection of food.

The fact that Colony Square is a multi-use complex, the first in the Southeast, was why it is unique than other places in Atlanta. I could leave my condo, head downstairs and go outside, walk over to the convenience store, then grab lunch, stop by Starbucks and later walk over to Tamarind Seed and sit at the bar. For me, this was perfect, since I do not cook and I only have liquids in my refrigerator.

Colony Square is full of diversity, which I appreciate, and it is the gathering place and cross section for travelers, business, residents, and millennials.

What am I looking forward to the future of Colony Square? I am anxious to see how everything works out. In my mind, it will be a dramatic improvement and mercifully successful. I believe it will turn out great.”

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