Dan White

Operations Manager—Charles Scwhab 

“I started working at Colony Square in March of 2000 and worked here until 2003 through my company and at various locations, but I came back to The Square in 2015. The variety of businesses and potential cultures that can interact in an area for me makes Colony Square so unique and that is why I like came back to work here.

One of the things that I liked and appreciated the most while working at Colony Square was the variety of eateries. I never felt like I had to go outside to different places to eat. It feels like that is changing and maybe that’s short-term, but it’s noticeable we don’t have it right now like it used to be.

What makes Colony Square the heart of Midtown Atlanta is its location; its proximity to Piedmont Park and the arts district including the High Museum & Symphony. Being in a place you could work and then play has always been intriguing to me and with such diversity and culture available at Colony Square, truly makes it the heart of Midtown.

As we look forward to the re-imagination of Colony Square, I am excited to see the changes that will be happening moving forward. It’s really exciting to see the plans for the building and Midtown.

If there’s any advice and words of wisdom I could give, I have two things. 1. ‘If nobody has died, it can be fixed’ and 2. ‘Greet each day and each person with a smile.'”

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