Christine Seeley-King


“From 1981-1984, I worked as an apprentice at the American Culinary Federation at the Colony Square Hotel (known as the @watlmidtown today), and I was the first woman in the Southeast to graduate from the program. I did everything from food shows to ice sculptures, and I had the opportunity to serve iconic figures like President Jimmy Carter and the infamous Mr. T.

Back then, Colony Square was the dominant fixture and the heart of Midtown. It was the biggest building in town and it was such an anchor right at 14th and Peachtree.

The fact that Colony Square was and is a mixed-use development made them unique compared to other places in Atlanta. The two condos, business office, hotel, and atrium were all connected. There was no property like them at the time, and everyone knew where Colony Square was.

As you reimagine The Square, I look forward to seeing Colony Square as a destination and the place to be in the heart of Midtown.

What is one inspirational advice I would give? What made me successful at my apprenticeship was that I took responsibility for my education. It was no one’s job to teach me, it was my job to learn. I learned by approaching people and asking them if you show me what you’re doing, I can help you. That attitude made me a great asset and taught me everything I need to know.”

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