Chauncey Perkins

CEO + Founder Broker at Perks by Perk Real Estate
“I was born and raised in Inglewood, California. I joined the military in 2000 where I did three tours to the Middle East. Returning from serving the country in 2006, I found a passion in music. This led me to attend Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida where I received a degree in audio engineering. Considered to be one of the biggest music capitals in the music industry, I made my way here to Atlanta. My very first big gig was becoming a studio engineer for Terrell Owens. Seeking out new adventures, I spent several years traveling around the world to places like Kuwait, Dubai, Iraq, Uganda, and more. As adventures came and went, I started to realize that I was ready to head back home to Georgia and settle down.

Leaning into my experience with supply rations, materials, and logistics, I decided to jump into real estate. I have now been doing real estate full time since 2016. I had my best year in 2020, selling $11 million in properties. When I decided to take my business to the next level, I looked around Atlanta and stumbled upon Colony Square. I settled into a space at WeWork and am currently loving the effects it has on the business. Every time I bring a prospect or client here, they are blown away. Here’s why I chose Colony Square – One, it’s located in Midtown. Two, North American Properties has the wow factor of how they built it. All of the features here fit our innovative business brokerage that I aspire to continue to grow.

I stay motivated by calling upon my experience back in the US Army. When I first brought my business to Colony Square, I had no agents working for me. Now I have 10 agents in my brokerage working under me. I realize that I am now here to be a part of something that is bigger than myself, much like I was a part of something bigger in the army. I enjoy teaching my agents and watching them grow and flourish. A lot of my motivation comes from giving back to those who were once just like me starting out.

Something we can all learn from my life journey is to be open to learn from everyone, people from all walks and shapes of life. Seek wisdom and learn from the experiences of others. I apply this to my personal and professional life. I reflect that professionally and back then I wished I had been more open to diversifying and partnering with others who didn’t look like me and who are also in different industries earlier on in my career.”

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