Camille Russell Love

Midtown Resident 

“I worked for IBM inside Building 400 of the Colony Square years ago. Now, I have a two-floor condo at Hanover House. Back in the day, Colony Square was the first live and work place in the city. So, for a long period of time I have admired this facility. Structurally, it is beautiful. I am very happy to see the restoration and reinvention take place.

Midtown is definitely where it’s at! It is for everybody. Having Colony Square in the city has always been unique, but it is now a premier location. It is a short walk from MARTA, a block from Piedmont Park, and is home to Fortune 500 companies, banks, law firms, and top-notch hotels. Just as notably, it is only minutes from a cultural district that is bookended by The Woodruff Arts Center, SCAD Atlanta, Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA), and The Center for Puppetry Arts. It is just a beautiful place to be in.

What I look forward to most that is coming to Colony Square, is the movie theater. I love going to the movies! I am not a big foodie, but having a food hall is exciting; so, there is a possibility I will become one. I am looking forward to the openness and for this space to be very enjoyable.

My personal life mantra is to get up and do something! Be productive in whatever it is that you are working on. Have a plan and work it. I also learned at an early age to be kind to everyone, and generous in your spirit. If you can be helpful to someone, just be helpful. That is what is important to me.” – Camille Russell Love, Midtown resident

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