Brenda Galina

Resident @ Colony House 

Meet Brenda, a resident of Colony House at Colony Square. Before moving to Colony House, Brenda and her husband, Morty, were very close friends with Henri Jova, one of the architectural brains behind Colony Square. Henri had built their family home in Roswell many years back.

Morty and Brenda were avid fans of the arts and after many trips to the Atlanta Symphony in Midtown they asked each other “what if we lived here?” And without hesitation they made it happen. When their daughter left for college and they saw that Colony House was opening and appreciating Jova’s design of the modern chic complex, they immediately jumped on it. But there was one catch – to live in the Penthouse. So, they did just that and have now lived in the heart of Midtown for 12 years.

Since then, Brenda reflected that when they moved to Colony House, Midtown is nothing like it is today. “Colony Square was the first big building concept in Midtown and it was a lonesome dove in the middle of the craziness especially in the early ‘70s. The reason why we wanted to move here was because Colony Square was AND is the cross section of Midtown Atlanta. You see people of all religions, coming together as a community, and they are proud of it. All different types of people, all walks of life, religions… It was as if we resembled the United Nations.”

And when we asked Brenda, how do you #reimagineCS and what are you most looking forward to seeing? She smiled and said, “get it done! Wave a magic wand and make it beautiful.”

What’s one inspirational advice Brenda would say? “Be true to who you are.”

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