Allison Levent + Casey Gramling

Colony Square Residents, Realtor + Brand Manager  

“My name is Allison Levent [A], and I was born and raised in Roswell, Georgia. My entire family is from Atlanta, and I live in the heart of Midtown. I currently work in real estate; though a fun fact about me is that I was an Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader from 2010-2017!

I am Casey Gramling [C], also an Atlanta native. I have lived in Midtown since I attended Georgia Tech during my undergrad in 2005. While I was in school, I rented a condo on Peachtree Street with a friend. I moved in with Allison in 2013, and we have been here ever since.

[C] We met at ULTRA Music Festival in Miami.

[A] We love music in general and are huge supporters of everything that happens in Midtown, from Music Midtown to all of the arts festivals. We are (were) really excited about the Final Four.


[C] I work at Georgia Pacific, so our condo at Hanover House is an ideal location for taking MARTA back and forth Downtown. I take full advantage of where we live, so I am always biking and walking to get to places – especially during the weekends. That is what I love most about living in Midtown.

[A] I’m a realtor so the reason why we bought a condo at Hanover House was because of the ample square footage for the price. It was an anomaly at the time. We fell in love with it and knew it was too good of a deal to pass up. This is definitely the perfect starter home, and the location is unbeatable. Hence the reason we are still here 7 years later!

[A] We are anxiously waiting for the new Colony Square to be completed so we can enjoy it. Now that we are getting older, instead of staying inside, we can go to the movies right downstairs. Everything is central; all of our friends live here, we are members of the Atlanta Botanical Garden, and we go to Piedmont Park a lot.

[C] Living in Midtown allows you to have a big city lifestyle where that may not exist a mile away. You are literally in the heart of everything. It’s great!

[A] Our home is also walkable to my office on Peachtree, and I mention that every time when I am selling homes. I love to show people around Midtown by hosting walking and biking tours.

I spend a lot of time in condo buildings, and Hanover House’s architecture and personalized Concierge is remarkable. The team here helps every way they can, even with things like dry cleaning and delivering packages. When I have friends over, the customer service is outstanding. Our Concierge always remembers their faces and greets them by their first name. You don’t see that at a lot of other condo buildings in Midtown.

[A & C] What are we excited most about the reimagined Colony Square? Having friends visiting and meeting them right in our backyard is going to be awesome. The fact that it is open container, we can just wheel down a cooler and hang out in The Plaza. This place is going to be “THE DESTINATION,” versus going out somewhere else. We can’t wait to experience it.

[A] Some words of wisdom to share? Always leave a place better than how you found it. Clean up after yourself and be eco-friendly. Keep the planet beautiful; reduce, reuse, recycle, and RISE UP!

– Allison Levent + Casey Gramling, Colony Square Residents; Realtor + Brand Manager 

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