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Current Day May 2020
The Reimagined Colony Square | #csreimagined

Arriving Soon


Latest Construction Updates:

  • Ongoing construction and build-out of Food Hall, IPIC + Building 500
  • Bldg 300 completion 
  • The main escalators to the Parking Garage remain closed. Please utilize staircases + elevators to enter/exit buildings
  • The 15th & Peachtree Street Garage remains closed indefinitely. Visit Parking for more information

Our Story

An urban, amenity-rich and arts-infused place to gather and soak up Midtown’s vibe, the reimagined Colony Square will encompass two office towers and loft offices totaling 940,000 square feet, 262 residential condos, a 466-room hotel and 160,000 square feet of carefully curated entertainment, retail and fitness concepts, chef-driven restaurants and an experience-driven food hall.

Facts & Figures

  • The Food Hall will be 25,000 square feet of space featuring more than a dozen culinary concepts + serve as a setting for more than 200 annual events and unique experiences 
  • The Grove, urban park at 14th + Juniper is Midtown's shadiest space featuring 80-foot trees and abundant seating
  • Total reimagined Colony Square overhaul will include 160,000 square feet of entertainment, retail, restaurant + fitness concepts
  • The redevelopment will add 172,000 square feet of new office space, bringing total office square footage to 940,000 square feet, including the existing two office towers

Now Open

  • Moe's | fun and engaging fast-casual made-to-order Southwest fare in Bldg 100
  • Freshii | fast-casual health-conscious eatery in Bldg 100
  • Sukoshi | a fast-casual sushi eatery in Bldg 400
  • Loop Lounge | a new "hangout spot" in front of Bldg 100
October 2017
November 2017
Demolition and foundation work
December 2017
Demolition, foundation work, closing of The Atrium
January 2018
Houlihan's Demolition and foundation work
February 2018
Houlihan's Demolition, Reimagination of Building 100 + The Grove
March 2018
Reimagination of Building 100 + The Grove
April 2018
Interior mall demolition + reimagination of Building 100
May 2018
Reimagination of Building 100
June 2018
Reimagination of Building 100
July 2018
Reimagination of Building 100
August 2018
Reimagination of Building 100
September 2018
Interior demo of Atrium and Main Level of Building 400, Reimagination of Building 100 continues
October 2018
Building 100 Entrance + Lobby completion
November 2018
Building 400 Lobby Demolition + Reimagination
December 2018
Building 400 Lobby & Plaza Level Demolition + Reimagination
January 2019
Demolition + Reimagination of Building 400 Entrance + Lobby
February 2019
Reimagination of Building 400, and Demolition of Atrium + Removal of Glass, Construction of The Grove
March 2019
Reimagination of Building 400, Demolition of Atrium + Mall, Construction of The Grove
April 2019
Former Atrium + Mall demolition, Crane in place for vertical construction of Food Hall + IPIC
May 2019
Vertical construction of Food Hall + IPIC, opening of The Grove, and opening of Bldg 400 entrance + lobby
June 2019
Construction of Food Hall & IPIC, continued demo of Bldg 400, steel erection for Bldg 300
July 2019
Vertical construction of Bldg 300, ongoing build-out of Food Hall & IPIC
August 2019
Ongoing build-out of Food Hall + IPIC, Topping out Bldg 300, opening of Loop Lounge
September 2019
Building 300 concrete pouring, steel framing, ongoing buildout of iPic + Food Hall
October 2019
Ongoing buildout of Building 300, Spaces, iPic + Food Hall
November 2019
Bldg 300 glass install, Bldg 400; 2nd floor band completion, iPic exterior paneling install, ongoing build-out iPic + Food Hall
December 2019
Ongoing build-out of iPic (including exterior paneling install) + Food Hall, Bldg 300, demo of former Plaza
January 2020
Sidewalk demo, Bldg 400 base construction, Ongoing build-out of iPic (including exterior paneling install) + Main & Main, Bldg 500 site prep
February 2020
Steel erected for Bldg 500, Exterior prep for Bldg 300, Ongoing construction for Bldg 400 base, iPic, and Food Hall
March 2020
Bldg 500 goes vertical; steel framing, Bldg 300 exterior paneling, ongoing construction of iPic, Rumi's and Bldg 400 restaurants
April 2020
Topping off of Building 500, Buildout of Concierge + The Plaza, ongoing construction of iPic, Rumi's and Bldg 400 restaurants
May 2020
Completion of Building 300 and Concierge, ongoing construction of iPic, Rumi's, Bldg 400 retail spaces and Building 500
The Food Hall

This experience-driven food hall anchoring 14th and Peachtree Streets, the highest density corner in the Southeast, will be curated by chefs for chefs. Its design is optimized for exceptional event programming and activations that will create an energy curve from noon to night at the heart of Midtown Atlanta.


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