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Politan Row at Colony Square

Food Hall Arriving Spring 2021

Chef Robert Green has transitioned from a corporate career to a self-trained chef throughout the years. He has chased his dream of creating healthier, ‘craveable’ fast casual food. Prepare yourself for guilt-free cuisine full of bold flavors at YŌM!

What is  YŌM? It is the thought of “yum!” when you consume something that satisfies your mind and “Ommmmm” when your soul vibrates with appreciation of the offering of honest satisfying nourishment... yum + om = YŌM!  

YŌM is a juice, smoothie and bowl cafe. Created to inspire an easy, healthy & yummy lifestyle. Most offerings start vegan then include meat and non-meat protein options.  The guilt-free menu uses whole foods, bold flavors, spices, and ingredients from around the world. Offerings are meant to be mindful of a healthier lifestyle, while full of 'craveable' yum! 

The menu will feature delicious healthy juices and smoothies, beloved avocado toasts, grain bowls and burritos. And for the late-night crowd, YŌM will have shareable snacks like their crave-worthy vegan nacho cheese dip and chips.

More flavor coming soon!