Parliament of Owls - A Midtown Lantern Parade

August 3, 2018
8:30PM to 10PM
Promenade II
1230 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30309
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Parliament of Owls is an owl themed lantern parade based in community participation! This lantern parade is different: It is all owls. The owls are white with black details and the attire is black.

Owls are wise.
Owls see in the dark.
Owls see through illusion and deceit.
Owls are omens of change.
Owls do not flock.
But maybe they should.
What if there was a murmuration of owls in Midtown, Atlanta?
It would be a smart party.
It would be a spectacle to behold.
It's going to be a hoot!

Make any kind of owl lantern you like! But kindly stay with the black and white aesthetic. It will be elegantly weird.

Take an Owl lantern workshop! There is a whole series of workshops for owl lanterns made from Chantelle Rytter's elegantly weird drawings of several imagined owl species. There are adult, juvenile, and owlets for each species. Or draw your own species into existence! The schedule is at

Paper Owl masks made of Rytter drawings are free! You'll need to cut them out and assemble them and provide the flashlight. You can drop by the Owl's Nest on most Wednesday in July or download them. The schedule and pdfs are here:

The music is by the Black Sheep Ensemble! Hooray!

We flock at 8:30 and fly out at 9:10. The route is short and on the sidewalk. We will pause at the High Museum of Art, Atlanta piazza and fly in a circle around the band! Route Map:

After the parade, The Castle, Rose + RYE, is opening the veranda for owl drinks!

Big thanks to the presenting sponsor of Parliament of Owls, Midtown ATL!