Hambidge Creative HiVE Blowout

June 3, 2017
6PM to 10PM
Colony Square Midtown
1175 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30361
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The Hambidge Creative Hive, an innovative artist enclave project that transformed Colony Square Mall retail spaces into collaborative and experimental artists’ studios, has been a stunning success for all involved. With almost two weeks left, the HiVE Projects continue to offer public programming, including workshops, dance performances, art exhibitions, and public studio hours.

On June 3rd, the Creative HiVE and presenting sponsors Colony Square, PNC, and SKYY Vodka, will celebrate the closing of this unique partnership with a Creative HiVE Blowout featuring special performances, presentations, and art installations from each HiVE, a dance party with DJ Santiago, and popping the balloons of the Jason Hackenwerth sculpture in the Atrium. 


Hambidge Creative HiVE Blowout

June 3, 6-10pm

Colony Square, 1197 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30361

Admission: FREE

Full schedule

  • 6-10pm, All HiVE spaces are open
  • Atrium - DJ Santiago conducts a dance party 
  • 6pm, Atrium - Balloon popping! Sculpture by Jason Hackenwerth
  • 6-7pm, Circular Lawn - Art Battle by the World Wide Art Federation
  • 7pm, Atrium - Balloon popping!
  • 7-8pm, Hive #11 - Music from Johnny Polygon, Believe, and Ozy Reigns, courtesy of Midtown Players Club
  • 8pm, Atrium - Balloon popping!
  • 8:45-9:15pm, Hive #12 - Dorothy O’Connor presents a Tableau Vivant performance viewed through the window of her Hive space, outside near the Circular Lawn
  • 9pm, Atrium - Balloon popping!
  • 10pm, Atrium - Balloon popping!

FOOD FOR SALE provided by The Establishment in the Atrium, and King of Pops in the Courtyard

What’s Going On in the HiVEs? 

Hive #1 - Queen of the Field

Invites visitors to participate in weaving a collaborative tapestry

Artist: Zipporah Thompson

Hive #2 - Hive Mind Arise

Offering hive-made herbal teas & tarot readings by Georgie Harris throughout the night. Come play, explore, relax, all meditation spaces will be open.

Artists: Charlie Watts, Emma Alley, Georgie Harris, Kris Hill, Becky Shanks, Gabbie Watts, plus invited artists

Hive #3 - You are Welcome, You’re Welcome

Join MINT in a converted dentist's office for You Are Welcome, You're Welcome, a HiVE featuring interactive, light based installations and pop up performances from ten Atlanta artists. Make a confession in to our Arts Priest, compose a symphony in Keys Largo, or just hang out with some friends in our cardboard cave. No appointments necessary.

Artists: Erica Jamison, Sarah Nathaniel, Jessica Caldas, Danielle Deadwyler, Shae Edman, Natalie Escobar, Jane Foley, Kaye Lee Patton, Lauren Peterson, Amanda Grae Platner, Hasani Sahlele, Terp Vairin

Hive #4 - The Untamed Parlor

See the final version of the Untamed Parlor, and view the infiltration of nature and urban elements that have transformed the space.

Artists: Laura Bell, Matt Haffner

Hive #5 - Studio 515

Showing multiple installations, sculptures and video projections created during the Hive residency with experimental music and 3D interactive technology for visitors to play with.

Artists: Bojana Ginn, Brian Ginn

Hive #6 - The Rivalry of Your Elements

Smashing the last of the vessels into the big pile. Come get your ya-yas out before they’re all gone!

Artists: Katie Troisi, Olivia Rado

Hive #7 - Midtown Players Club

Showing the Digital Divide gallery show; Aaron Artrip prints, drawings, collage and Bill Georgia paintings; Tyler Mann in Wet Gallery I; Luan Sherman in Wet Gallery II; and Sabre Esler "Something From Nothing"

Artists: Kris Pilcher, Elizabeth Jarrett, Miranda Kyle, Priscilla Smith + invited artists 

Hive #8 - Breath of the Compassionate

Showcasing the evolution of the space and the garden, featuring Michael Garvey’s stained glass design. Prints of the design will be offered for visitors to color and take home. 

Artists: Erin Sledd, Ahsan Bari, Shannon Frye, Will Griffin, Amir S. Hamer, Michael Garvey, Evan Carter

Hive #9 - FREE ART!

Exhibition of Creative HiVE transformation pictures, studio portraits, and environmental portraits of all Hive artists in their spaces.

Artist: Forest McMullin

Hive #10 - World Wide Art Federation

Art Battle on the Circular Lawn, 6-7pm

Artists: Fabian Williams, Kimberly Binns, Horace Williams, Grace Kisa and Maurice Evans

Hive #11 - Fly on a Wall

Previously filmed performances on view.

Artists: Nathan Griswold, Nicole Johnson, Sean Nguyen-Hilton, Jesse Tyler

Hive #12 - Scenes

8:45-9:15pm - Tableau Vivant performance viewed through the window of the HiVE space, outside near the Circular Lawn. The handmade paper Red-winged blackbirds featured in the Scene will be available for purchase right after the performance.

Artist: Dorothy O’Connor

For more about the #HambidgeHiVECS, visit hambidgehive.org.

For more information or questions, contact experiencemakers@colonysquaremidtown.com