Festivity + Trees: Watch The Artists

November 9, 2017
9AM to 5PM
Colony Square Midtown
1097 Peachtree St NE
Atlanta GA 30361 United States
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The holidays are just around the corner and we’re excited about the return of Festivity + Trees, Colony Square’s festival of trees spectacle. 

Starting Thursday, November 9th through Saturday, November 25th, get a sneak peek of the artists at work in Suite 508, located to the right of Concierge.

During this time, you will be able to watch + see artists paint + decorate their holiday tree.


Margo is a Graphic Design Rockstar at North American Properties, located in Colony Square. She received her B.A. in Communication Arts from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2008. Although she primarily works in a digital landscape, she enjoys the hands-on experimentation and creative side of abstract painting. When she’s not creating, Margo enjoys playing the ukulele.

margomargomargo.com | IG @makroyd

Tarik Berbey was born in Panamá and moved to the United States in 2000. Tarik owns and operates an art studio at Colony Square. In 2011, he started his own jewelry and metalsmithing training at Amalgam Art School and at the Spruill Center for the Arts. Aside from his metalsmithing, he creates large Christmas trees and window displays both public and private.

His artistic journey has taught him many wonderful lessons, connected him to an amazing community of people, both artists, and art lovers, and continues to surprise and delight.

“The sky is NOT the limit for those who have a vision and passion, for the universe is infinite”

Born in Uzbekistan, but raised in Atlanta, Berta has been a creative mind since grade school. As a dabbler of crafts and a hoarder of art supplies, her artistic repertoire includes techniques as diverse as printmaking, ceramics, paper engineering, and painting. Inspired by nature and how things work, her subjects are often playful and witty. Berta received a textiles degree from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2010 and currently works as a visual merchandiser, builds window displays and paints murals for local businesses, and moonlights as a photographer.

coroflot.com/berta23 | IG @bertalovescici  

Dana Burrell grew up in the NE Georgia mountains. She has a BFA in photo design from UGA and was an assistant in the pottery program at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center. Dana doodles all the time on any surface she can find. Her next goal is to paint a mural.

terminusstudios.com | IG + TW @terminusartist 


Adam Crawford (Freekybear) is working and living in Atlanta, Georgia. His public work focuses on brightening up public spaces and giving his viewers a new visual perspective. Adam enjoys experimenting with a wide variety of media and artistic styles, and he believes the better versed he is, the more opportunities he has to portray his ideas to his audience.

theartofadamcrawford.com | IG @freekybear



Kelly Crosby is a mixed media artist, craft maker, and freelance writer. She creates artwork in a
variety of styles and subject matters but the ones that interest her the most are landscapes, abstraction, still life studies, and floral patterns. She has displayed her artwork in various art shows galleries throughout Atlanta, New Orleans and in places such as Texas, Georgia, California, Ohio and Canada. Kelly currently works out in her home studio in Palmetto, GA. 

IG @kellycrosbydesign

Ashley is a self-taught artist and Visual Art teacher originally from Baton Rouge, LA. She graduated in 2011 from Louisiana State University with a B.S. in Child and Family Studies and received her MEd. from Southern University in 2017. She is inspired by the beauty of nature and leans toward geometric abstraction in her artwork.

FB IG + TW @artypants555  

Katie is a writer, painter, and teacher who has recently relocated to Atlanta from Rochester, New York. She likes to write and paint about the things that interest her the most: faces and figures, the great outdoors, geology, impermanence, astrophysics (as much as she can understand!), and our faulty and fascinating human natures. She is so happy to be here.

katiejduane.com | IG + TW @kathryn_jonina



Lacy M. Freeman is an Atlanta based painter + illustrator, focusing on characterized animal portraits. Using mostly acrylic, and occasionally watercolor, pen + ink, she creates whimsical, fun originals with an emphasis on proportion and personality. Infusing character into every animal, she even names them!

IG @lacymfreeman TW @lmfillustration 

Local architect and artist Andrew Harmon works at the Colony Square-based Architecture firm, Lord Aeck Sargent, and specializes in landscapes, architectural paintings, and pen-and-ink house drawings. His art pulls from this background and focuses heavily on perspective, geometries, and spatial relationships. Andrew is drawn to capturing valuable views and accentuating the most beautiful aspects of spaces and figures through acrylic, ink, and other mixed-medias.

IG @andrewharmonart

Larry Holland is a Massachusetts native, residing in Decatur, GA. He loves to work with a variety of mediums and is always up for a challenge. Art is in his blood and paint is under his nails.

fishboneartdecatur.com | IG @fisbn   

Angie draws and her work is simple. Angie is interested in portraying objects, sometimes places, sometimes memories from her everyday experiences. She loves unintentional imperfections, textures, and details of handmade pieces. She also produces work through drawing, illustration and printmaking.

Angie moved from Bogotá (Colombia) to Atlanta and immediately fell in love with the amount of art exposure that the city has. She is currently experimenting with any canvas, any piece of paper or any wall she can find.

angiejerez.net | IG @_angiejerez

Vile Kyle's low-brow pop surrealist style is reflected in his work using a combined medium of acrylic and spray paint. He emerged on the Atlanta art scene in mid-2015 through the #FAFATL movement by bringing a more macabre element with his consistent theme of ever-evolving skull characters. His work is full of bold lines, eye-catching color, and three-dimensional contouring. Vile has just begun to explore this artistic avenue influenced by tattoo culture, street art, and this city.

vilekyleart.com | IG @vileATL


Elizabeth Lang is a landscape artist working acrylic, oil, and watercolor paint. Her goal is to create art that conveys the essence of the peace and beauty nature brings us. She paints in her home studio using photos from her local hikes and local and international travels. Elizabeth hopes these pieces will inspire people in the indoor spaces they spend the most time. Her paintings are meant to be reminders of the importance of nature in our lives.

betweentheevergreens.com | FB IG + Pinterest @betweentheevergreens

Jennifer Lingvall is a designer guided by purpose and problem-solving. Her projects range from designing interiors to curating unique human experiences (check out wigwamfest.com). She is passionate about people and encouraging them to see and be the best versions of themselves. Jennifer lives in Atlanta with her husband, Erik, and their new miracle baby, Venice.

IG @jenniferlingvall


Katie McGuire is an Atlanta native living in Candler Park who works with children all over the Atlanta area and enjoy teaching them life skills and creativity. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling with her partner, cooking, art of any kind and seeing new and evolved art in Atlanta!

IG @mixedupatl



Tina Hofer Medico is an artist and designer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Tina helps people feel more playful, curious and connected to the magic of creative inspiration. Come say hi and learn more over on her Instagram, @tinahofermedico

tinahofermedico.com | FB IG + TW @tinahofermedico 


Kate Naylor is an HR professional that has always had a passion for creativity and imagination. As a kid, Kate entered every art contest she could and continues to use creativity as an outlet for the busyness of life. She doesn't believe there is one "right" way to express yourself and we should all be open to coloring outside the lines. Take time to stop and smell the roses, feel the sun on your skin, look around you, and laugh as loud as possible. Life is beautiful.



Tori Price is a colorful painter from Atlanta focused on radiating positivity through her work. With a background in Psychology, Tori is fascinated with art therapy, mindfulness, and the connection between well-being and art. Inspired by nature, animals, women, connectedness, energy, and vibrant colors, her paintings are filled with positive energy. Her hope is that this energy will transport the viewers to a place of inspirational wonder-- sparking their imaginations to see the magic and beauty of our world.

lunaleigharts.etsy.com | FB + IG @lunaleigharts

Taylor Robinson is a fine artist and graphic designer based in Atlanta. She received her B.A. in Journalism with a concentration in public relations and a minor in art from Georgia State University and specializes in brand identity design and oil painting.

taydreaming.com | IG @tayloraaugusta


Pam is a self-taught artist, born & raised in Montana. She lived throughout the west coast before moving to ATL in 2000.

The majority of Pam’s art dances a line where orchestrated intention blends with the organic abstract, with an added dash of tongue-in-cheek. She possesses a voracious appetite for experimentation and explores all mediums: acrylic paint and canvas, woodwork, molds and casting, lettering, metalwork, charcoals, ink, and aerosol.

She holds a business degree from KSU and works in corporate finance for a Fortune 15 company. Outside her world of spreadsheets, Pam relies on the creative process to decompress. She recently participated in three Decatur Arts Alliance projects, Colony Square’s 2016 Trees + Festivities, the Look Up L5P project, contributed a furniture piece to Atlanta Furniture Bank’s 2017 Chairish Gala and has been active in Free Art Friday since ’13. She does not say "Y’all".

IG + TW @p_shootie

Monica Tookes has always had a keen eye for business and an eternal love for Art. Bridging these two things together has made Monica Tookes who she is today. As a Spelman College Alumna, Monica hit the ground running with her business. Her work has been exhibited throughout the country to rave reviews and is widely collected all over the world in homes, celebrity collections, and popular American Institutions.

Monica effortlessly navigates being both an exceptional artist and astute businesswoman, while connecting those worlds to an unquenchable thirst for community service. Monica continues to give back by working on campaigns, tying art to organizations whose primary focus is youth. Her motto? Art is in Everything!

IG @monicatookesart

Local Atlanta artist who got his start in graffiti and turned it into a career. Three-time Creative Loafing Best of Winner for murals.



Sara Wardlow is a local personal injury attorney in Colony Square at Bell Law Firm. Sara enjoys painting, reading, and being active in Midtown where she lives with her dog, Braxton. She hopes you will enjoy her art and Happy Holidays!

FB @sarajwardlow | IG @dancewithme33




Scott Wise is a Father of two, Entrepreneur, Brand Consultant, Freelance Graphic Identity Designer, Brandmark Specialist, & Automotive Stylist. Vehicle wraps and logos, that's his realm of expertise.

wisedesign.live | IG @wiseoneltd



See the final masterpieces at the Reveal Party on Friday, December 1st, 4-7p in The Plaza. 

CLICK HERE or below for more about the Festivity + Trees: Reveal Party. 

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For more information or for questions, please contact experiencemakers@colonysquaremidtown.com