Festivity + Trees Reveal Party

November 30, 2018
4PM to 6PM
Colony Square Midtown
The Plaza
1097 Peachtree St NE
Atlanta GA 30361 United States
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Come one, come all! Experience the return of Colony Square's Festivity + Trees program. In its third year, see more than 30 uniquely painted holiday trees + barricade walls designed by local Atlanta artists displayed this holiday season (November 30th - December 28th). Plan your trip here during this holiday season to The Square and join us for the big reveal party.

Fun for the entire family, explore the colony of trees and barricade walls, meet the artists who designed these beautiful works of art, enjoy live holiday tunes + entertainment, holiday s'more stations, kid-friendly and adult beverages provided by Sunshine Alchemy, and more surprises. 

Be sure to tag your experience with #csreimagined + #FestivityTrees for your chance to be featured on our Instagram.

For more information or for questions, please contact experiencemakers@colonysquaremidtown.com



ALPHONSO EDWARDS. Alphonso Edwards is a native of Atlanta, Georgia whose work includes various mediums such as paintings, sculptures, shadow installations, and graphic design. In 2010, Alphonso earned his Bachelors of Fine Art from Albany State University, and in 2014, received his Masters of Fine Art from Savannah College of Art & Design. Alphonso is also an art teacher and adjunct professor at Hampton Middle School and Gwinett Technical College. His vision is to educate others on the importance of creativity in life.  The core influence of his artwork is drawn from life and those around him.  "Art is Life." - A. Edwards | @ALPHONSOAEDWARDS

AMY STONE. Amy is an architect from Atlanta. She loves hand lettering, especially brush script. She works primarily in ink and watercolor to make lettering expressive and modern. | @_LETTERBYLETTER

ANDREW HARMON. Local architect and artist Andrew Harmon works at the Colony Square-based Architecture firm, Lord Aeck Sargent, and specializes in landscapes, architectural paintings, and pen-and-ink house drawings.  His art pulls from this background and focuses heavily on perspective, geometries, and spatial relationships.  Andrew is drawn to capturing valuable views and accentuating the most beautiful aspects of spaces and figures through acrylic, ink, and other mixed-medias. | @andrewharmonart

ANGIE JEREZ. Angie is from Bogotá, Colombia and moved to Atlanta 6 years ago, and since then she has been transitioning from design to illustration and painting. Angie creates drawings with detailed linework. She draws everyday objects and random abstract subjects surrounded by organic shapes,. Sometimes there's no deep concept behind them, sometimes they reflect memories and random silly ideas. | @_ANGIEJEREZ

BERTA BORUKHOVA. Born in Uzbekistan and raised in Atlanta, Berta has been a creative mind since grade school. As a dabbler of crafts and a hoarder of art supplies her artistic repertoire includes diverse techniques such as paper engineering, printmaking, ceramics, painting, building window displays and store environments. She is inspired by nature and the works of creators in all fields. Berta received a textile degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design and currently works for Donghia. | @BERTALOVESCICI

ELAINE STEPHENSON. Elaine Stephenson is an artist, designer, and muralist living in the Old Fourth Ward within the heart of Atlanta. Studying graphic design ignited her love for typography and lettering by hand. Now she combines lettering and painting, her life-long passion, to explore the beauty of typography as art. When she is not creating art or lettering, she is often practicing yoga, exploring Atlanta’s coffee shops with her fiancé and cuddling with her rescue kitty Cleo. | @ARTSY_ELAINE

MARGO WEITZEL. Atlanta Adventurer / Black Coffee Enthusiast / Graphic Designer / Wifey to Ted / Creative Capricorn / Lover of Turkey Sandwiches / Proud Daughter / Sometimes @CrazyEyesofATL / Avid Concertgoer / Cat Mom to Waffles, Nacho, and Optimus Prime | @MAWEITZEL

MEGAN ALODIE. Megan Alodie is a mandala artist residing in Atlanta. She chose this type of design because I believe it captures the flow and effervescent freedom I hold in my heart.  It gives her focus and peace of mind, and I hope to do the same for my audience.  You can find Megan's artwork and more of her designs as wearable art at alodiecloud.com. | @MEGANALODIE

MONICA TOOKES. Artist + Art Consultant + Mixologist + Cigar lover + Beer Snob + Motivator + Spelman Alum. It's her mission to push the arts through every canvas she can dominate on!  | @MONICATOOKESART

SARA WARDLOW. Sara Wardlow is a lawyer here in Atlanta.  In her spare time, Sara loves to hike, spend time in Piedmont Park and on The BeltLine, and of course paint! She hopes Midtown enjoys these creations as much as she has enjoyed painting them! | @DANCEWITHME33 

SCOTT WISE. Graphic designer, brand storyteller, immersive media consultant, futurist. Wowing his clients is Scott's favorite past time. Scott spends a lot of hours here at WeWork and enjoys cycling, kayaking, and walks with his fiancé and their pitbull Stetson. When he's not working, Scott is trying to take his two kids on camping adventures. | @SCOTT.W1SE

WINSTON WIANT. An Atlanta resident, Winston is a native of Amelia Island, FL. Winston has been painting since childhood and has been pursuing her love of art ever since. Art to her is a form of self-expression and the way she feels that day reflects in her work. Her love of bold color and texture is both distinctive and captivating. It’s lovely to see what the end result will be and what can she create through her painting! | @WINSTONFINEART



945BIT. Pixel art with a bit of a message. | @945BIT

AI-LIEN VUONG. Ai-Lien is an architectural & urban designer with a love for public spaces and community-based art. She recently began participating in the city's Free Art Friday movement, which encourages local artists to create and "drop" free art for others to find around the city. | @ARCHITOAST

ASHLEY DOWNING. Ashley is a self-taught artist and Visual Art teacher who relocated to Atlanta from Baton Rouge, LA last year. She graduated in 2011 from Louisiana State University with a B.S. in Child and Family Studies and received her M.Ed. in Educational Leadership from Southern University in 2017. She is inspired by the beauty of nature and leans toward geometric abstraction in her artwork. |  @ARTYPANTS555

AYSHA PENNERMAN. Aysha Pennerman, an emerging Atlanta artist striving to make an impact on her art. She has been expressing her creativity since childhood through drawing and painting. Aysha loves to paint bold, vibrant colors and textures on anything she can get her hands on; whether it’s a canvas, a 30-foot-wide wall, or wooden earrings. It is Aysha’s desire to inspire, uplift, and empower the people around her and in her community. | @ARTBYAYSHAPEN

CINZIA DALESSI. Cinzia the artist hails from Switzerland. She studied art both in Hong Kong and San Francisco receiving her BA in 2009. Her preferred means of creations are pastels on paper and acrylic paint on canvas. She is mainly interested in daily objects, landscapes, portraits and abstraction. Her inspirations come from cubism, pointillism, graffitis, calligraphy and abstract art. She likes the structural, geometrical juxtaposition of shapes and as well as organic forms with the use of bold colors in her creations. | @NUVOLA.LEGGERA

DAWN KINNEY MARTIN. Color is the driving passion behind Dawn's art. She loves that she is constantly learning! I enjoy studying color and using it to create the sense of a 3-dimensional scene on a 2-dimensional surface. It absolutely fascinates her In recent years, Dawn has added a new dimension to that passion through plein air painting. | @DAWNARTSTUDIOS

ERIN JOINER. Erin is a Visual Merchandiser with a background in Interior Design currently living in O4W. Form language, bold lines, striking colors, and simple solutions are her staples. | @ERIJOI

KASSEL MILLAY. Kässel is a designer who grew up in Orlando, Florida. She studied Fine Arts at Florida State University. Kässel works as a Display Coordinator for Atlanta’s Westside Anthropologie and freelances as a painter and installation designer. She is always painting, creating or enjoying the outdoors. | @KASSELAMBER

KATIE MCGUIRE. Jill of all trades. Lover of anything Atlanta. Mixed media artist and member of the Free Art community. | @MIXEDUPATL

KELLY CROSBY. Kelly Izdihar Crosby is a multimedia artist with her primary genre in painting with mixed media. She often incorporates intricate patterns, unconventional colors and repetition to create art that’s emotional, bold and evocative. She completed both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in art at the University of New Orleans. You can find her work at www.kellycrosbydesign.com | @KELLYCROSBYDESIGN

PRIMROSE SCHOOL OF MIDTOWN TEACHERS. The teachers of the Primrose School of Midtown are a spirited group! We spend our days educating and entertaining students so fun is our middle name. We are passionate about preparing children for their future and partnering with our family of Primrose parents. It may be cliche, but we truly believe that children are our future and at the Primrose School of Midtown...our future is looking bright! | @PRIMROSEMIDTOWNCOLONYSQUARE

TAYLOR AUGUSTA. Taylor Augusta is a graphic designer and multidisciplinary artist based in Atlanta. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts from Georgia State University in 2016, she found a home at TILA Studios as the lead designer where she does all things design, branding, and marketing. Everything Taylor does typically fall under one of three categories: Learning, creating and communicating. She does these three things through whichever medium she so chooses whether that be designing, directing, painting, building, curating, event planning or more. Her art is honest, sustainable, multi-functional and minimal. It tends to make you laugh, has a message (of some sort) and doesn't waste the space it consumes. Or so she should hope. But that's up to you. | @TAYLORAUGUSTA

TORI PRICE. Tori Price is a colorful painter and creative guide from Atlanta. Inspired by nature, animals, women, energy, and mindfulness, she fills her paintings with vibrant energy and focuses on radiating positivity through her work. Her goal is to inspire and empower the viewer to see the love and natural beauty in ourselves, in others, and in our world as a whole.  | @LUNALEIGHARTS

TINA HOFFER MEDICO Tina Hofer Medico is an artist and designer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Tina’s work helps people feel more playful, curious and connected to the magic of creative inspiration. | | @TINAHOFERMEDICO