Colin The Leprechaun on The Loose

March 1, 2017
12AM to 5PM
Colony Square Midtown
1097 Peachtree St NE
Atlanta GA 30361 United States
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St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and rumor has it from guests of Colony Square that a leprechaun is on the loose and has been spotted at different areas around the Square. Even residents at Colony House Condominiums have seen flashes of green and specks of gold – sure signs of a leprechaun. Folks say when you see bright, shiny and colorful objects, you’ll likely spot him there. While some think it’s completely bogus, others have been scouring Colony Square as if they were stalking the rarest of Pokémon in hopes of catching a rare glimpse of our mystical leprechaun, officially known as “Colin”.

Amateur sketches have been received from Primrose School’s lads and lassies of Colony Square’s elusive guest. (see below)

It has been said, Colin only reveals himself to the luckiest in the land and when the lucky ones snap a photo and post to Instagram using
#LuckOfTheSquare and tag @colonysquareatl, they will be entered to win a special prize. Perhaps a pot of gold? The clock starts now until March 10th to capture a shot of Colin the Leprechaun loose on The Square.

Ultimately, your support will help Colony Square and City of Atlanta Police Department & Midtown Blue find Colin and ensure his mischievousness and mayhem producing antics will be under control before the start of Midtown’s St. Patrick's Day Parade. NOW, that you know the background story, let's get to the story + clues to help us find Colin!
Good luck + have fun!

A mischievous leprechaun has been tiptoeing around, for he chose Colony Square to make it his stomping ground. Following rainbows he will not chase, you must follow the clues to win this race, now here’s the first clue, think practically and get ready for your cue.

CLUE #1: Chickens & cows rejoice + rise, for this is the place he might mistake a pot o’ gold for a bag of waffle fries. 
CLUE #2: Whenever you have a question + the answer you don't know, this is the first place where you need to go...
CLUE #3: There’s no reverend here, not even a choir. You’ll find five star dishes here. Fresh off the grill or out from the fryer! 
CLUE #4: They’ve laid their foundation, a reputation well established. Wish so many left satisfied, after long work day or feeling famished...

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