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1201 Peachtree Street NE
Building 400, Suite #1000
Atlanta, GA 30361
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RELEX provides cutting-edge retail optimization software to the world’s leading retailers — helping them stay relevant in the age of Living Retail.

Pushing the boundaries of retail optimization

RELEX drives rapid, dramatic impact through focused improvements that legacy technologies simply can’t support. Our cloud-native Living Retail Platform is built for speed, adaptability, and accuracy — one of the world’s first operational softwares equipped with in-memory computing. With unmatched computational power, RELEX delivers pragmatic AI across all retail functions, at retail scale.

The Living Retail Platform optimizes demand forecasting and automatic replenishment processes with a granular level of accuracy, then helps retailers turn radical supply chain visibility into exponential benefits. Companies that use the platform can break down traditional siloes, working across functions to optimize your space, allocation, workforce, pricing, and promotion planning within a single unified system.

The Living Retail Platform enables autonomous, adaptive retail processes that effectively future-proof your business:

  • Autonomous decision-making that’s faster, more accurate, and more efficient than anything else on the market
  • Adaptability that lets you innovate and implement fast enough to stay resilient in a dynamic business landscape