Art of Modern Life Walk


Midtown’s Living Room is always changing. Take a walk through property to explore additional artwork, limited edition murals + more. Complimentary booklets are available at Concierge to participate in a self-guided tour.

Click here to view the digital tour booklet

Atlanta Artists Center Gallery

Explore the curated collection of more than 50 works of art from local artists in the lobby of Building 300. The gallery rotates with new exhibitions every season + all pieces are available for purchase. The Atlanta Artists Center (AAC) encourages and fosters exceptional visual arts talent by providing a wide range of workshop and exhibit opportunities to the community and its members. Click here for additional details about this gallery.

Art of 3D Mapping + Projection

Immerse yourself in The Art of Modern Life featuring a collection of pre-rendered, generative and interactive visuals that represent and are inspired by elements of the world + art around us. We invite you to interact and enjoy this colorful digital display.

Aurora Mural

Meet Aurora along the north wall against 5Church Midtown. This mural designed + painted by four local Atlanta artists Lauren Stumberg, Molly Rose Freeman, Lela Brunet, and Laura Vela is a tribute to Aurora, Roman Goddess of the Dawn. It depicts her in the moment she is waking up, while the landscape around her is still rich and dark, just as she is inviting in the light of the new day. Aurora embodies the power to bridge the worlds of darkness and light.

It All Starts With a Spark Mural

Neka King is an Atlanta-based illustrator, muralist and fine artist specializing in large-scale activations. This bold + colorful mural can be found  along the glass façade of the Adobe office, situated at the corner of Peachtree Street + 15th Street. The work of art draws inspiration from Midtown’s architecture and showcases the confident and optimistic faces of Adobe’s community. Its dynamic composition + vibrant colors seek to spark imagination + channel energy on the interior and exterior of the building.

The Paseo

The Paseo serves as a connecting pathway between the 15th Street Arts District Plaza park and Colony Square. This vibrant walkway pays tribute to the Colony Square brand, which finds its inspiration in the innovative Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. Mondrian was a trailblazer in the world of abstract art, renowned for his use of geometric shapes and primary colors. This combination seeks to attain universal harmony and balance through the elegance of form and color, as exemplified by grids of rectangles and squares.

Vondom Sculpture

Founded in 2010 in Valencia, Spain, Vondom creates wonderfully avant-garde furniture, planters, lighting and accessories for outdoor or indoor use all over the world. Committed to sustainability, Vondom’s philosophy is to recycle and optimize natural resources while making innovative designs that protect the environment for future generations. The results are contemporary outdoor furniture and accessories that run the gamut from playfully curvaceous to artfully sculptural to out-and-out fractal.