Niyha Harvard


Niyha Harvard joined North American Properties (NAP) in June 2021 as a Concierge team member at Colony Square. Niyha’s detail-oriented and people-forward mentality drives her commitment to provide exceptional service for the Midtown community.

At Colony Square, Niyha focuses on providing best-in-class hospitality for all, from wayfinding and information services to assisting with the mixed-use destination’s 200+ annual events. Her experience with problem solving and working in fast-paced, customer-centric environments makes Niyha an essential asset to the all-star team behind the Concierge program, Club Colony Square.

Prior to her role at NAP, Niyha garnered noteworthy experience as a security officer at Chesley Brown Security, providing assistance to the public, coordinating with local law enforcement agencies, safe-guarding guests and visitors on property and conducting tours. She also previously held a position as a sales associate at At Home, providing five-star customer service and managing administrative tasks.

Niyha earned her Associate’s Degree in Science from Georgia State University. Outside of work, she enjoys getting outdoors, hiking and swimming. She’s also extremely passionate about children and hopes to get involved with volunteer opportunities at the Children’s Hospital.